Tunks Park: Sydney Spotlight

Why Go?

Tunks Park is a nature reserve and park located in Cammeray/Northbridge, part of Sydney’s lower north shore. This park has something for everyone- stunning harbor vistas and boating ramps, several cricket and sporting fields, playgrounds, and incredible views of Cammeray’s famous stone architectural feature, the Long Gully Bridge.

However, my favourite part of the park is the bushwalking, leading in and out of the park and connecting with the Flat Rock Reserve pathway. The bushwalks in this area are easily accessible to anyone in the city, and expect to see kookaburras, cockatoos, and brush turkeys, as well as water dragons. To access, walk away from the Harbor, past the sports fields, and look for the trail to the right, under the suspension bridge- it is sign marked, but can be hard to spot the signs sometimes.

The bushwalk goes through forest and bush, and in and around a bubbling brook, giving the whole place a bit of a Middle Earth vibe and other-worldly feel.

It’s also a dog park, so a great place to walk your dog, or find other people’s dogs to play with, if you have the misfortunate of living in a pet-free flat, such as myself.

I might be biased, as I am lucky enough to live close-by, but it definitely is worth the trip for a day out, even if you aren’t based on the north shore.

Pelicans along the harbor

How to Get There?

Tunks Park is a short walk downhill from the suburb of Cammeray, and can be reached on foot, by car, by bus, or by boat (should you be so lucky). Plenty of parking is available near the Harbor entrance to the park, driving from Cammeray down Lower Cliff Avenue. Cammeray can also be reached by the city from Sydney Buses #201 or #263.

Long Gully Bridge, Cammeray

Top Tips?

Walk away from the Harbor and towards the Long Gully Bridge, standing underneath it to capture some great shots from a unique perspective, if you’re into photography, Also have fun hopping over the stone walkway, built above the spring.

The walking trails can be in quite dense bush in points, so consider mosquito repellent and watch out for spider webs in the path, especially after rain- a good way to beat this one is to make a friend walk ahead of you…

For other great walks, consider also a day trip out to the Blue Mountains, another great place to explore in Sydney.

Hop across a bubbling brook…


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