The Beaches of Australia: 5 of the Best

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Although Australia is nowadays cherished for its big cities and iconic landmarks, its beaches remain spectacular and sometimes largely quiet. Beat the masses of tourists and discover these five beautiful sites on the coasts of the country.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands

Whitehaven Beach
Picture postcard views in the Whitsundays (Photo courtesy of Flickr, Jared Yeh)

It’s doubtful you’ll ever come across a beach that’s as beautiful as Whitehaven. Located on the tranquil Whitsunday Islands, off the coast of Queensland, the beach is lined with the finest white sand you’ll ever walk across – so fine, in fact, it’s renowned for its ability to polish your jewellery.

And perhaps the most intoxicating thing about Whitehaven is its close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, an underwater spectacle that is on nearly every traveller’s bucket list. The option to sink into the tranquil blue waters and dive by the biggest coral reef system in the world only adds to Whitehaven Beach’s unmatched appeal.

Main Beach, Noosa

Noosa Beach, Queensland (Photo courtesy of Flickr, bertknot) 

Also in Queensland is Noosa, a seaside town with a true feel of pure paradise. Golden rays shine down upon the palm trees, casting a glow upon the town’s beach that is a quiet haven. Being a town that is largely unnoticed by tourists, although this is starting to change, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to witness a typical Australian town go about its day – and CTI notes that it’s one of the best beaches in the entire country. Not convinced? Use their tool to compare all the beaches in Australia.

Surfers and sunbathers alike flock to the beach daily, with perfect conditions for both . Whether you’re looking for an escape from the bustle of home or an adrenaline-filled challenge, Noosa has it all. And the best thing about it all? You’ll be able to bathe in warm water. It may sound otherworldly, but this beach is truly a marvel – and it’s one that isn’t yet overrun by tourists looking to share the paradise.

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Wineglass Bay Tasmania
Wineglass Bay, well worth the detour (Photo courtesy of Flickr, Simon Lieschke)

This next beach is the definition of a hideaway – on the edge of Freycinet National Park in Tasmania, the small Wineglass Bay is an opening in the abundance of greenery. There’s a striking contrast in colour as you overlook the dark green hill that rolls down towards white sands and a vibrant turquoise sea, and you can’t help but be gobsmacked.

There’s a lot to get up to here at Wineglass Bay, too – whether you want to explore the depths of the alluring waters by snorkelling, or if you want to simply hike across the rolling hills that surround it, you’ll be struck by how naturally beautiful the vista is. Consider sailing around the area to take it all in from a unique point of view.

Turquoise Bay, Coral Coast

Turqoise Bay, Coral Coast Western Australia
Crystal clear waters of Turquoise Bay (Photo courtesy of Flickr, Andy Tyler)

It’s another bay on the edge of a national park, but this one is for the swimmers. Turquoise Bay lies on Australia’s Coral Coast near the town of Exmouth, and is renowned for its crystal clear waters, appearing to be shallow for miles and home to an abundance of fish – 500 species live in the nearby Ningaloo Reef. The waters are warm, calm and inviting, and you’re free to explore to your heart’s content.

Turquoise Bay can be found in Cape Range National Park, but is hardly traversed by travellers, meaning you’re free to lay back and enjoy your own personal paradise. It has been named Western Australia’s best beach, and for good reason – you’ll be hard done by finding any other that’s as naturally flawless.

Bondi Beach, New South Wales

Bondi Beach
Any visit to Sydney should include a trip to Bondi (Photo courtesy of Flickr, Alejandro Ortiz Pellicer) 

It can’t go ignored – Bondi Beach is absolutely the most popular in the entirety of Australia. And yet, underneath the masses of tourists that visit it year-round, it retains its glory in the form of stretching white sands and warm waters that can either be bathed in, snorkelled or surfed upon. The choice is yours. 

A hot day on Bondi.

Being in Sydney, the beach is often busy but that makes for a lot of the fun. The surrounding area has been established into its very own community, with market stalls and delectable restaurants popping up constantly by the shore. There’s a calm vibrance on Bondi Beach, with a signature Australian feel of unadulterated joy. Sure, it’s busy, but it’s a must visit none the less. 


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