Spring in Sydney- 7 Best Things to Do

There’s nothing better than the first few days of spring, no matter where you live. The sweet smell and beautiful purple of blossoming jacaranda (possibly followed by intense allergies, but maybe that’s just me), longer days, and tossing aside the winter woollies for shorts can’t be beat. Bust out your flip flops and slap on some sunscreen, because spring in Sydney is fantastic, and the winter chill seems to be gone for good. 

In spring in Sydney, the city really comes back to life after a few (mercifully short) few months of winter. To make the most of it, here’s some of the best things to do in spring in Sydney:

Neighborhood festivals

It seems nearly all Sydney suburbs, or neighborhoods, put on a full day spring festival in October or November, complete with live music, stalls and vendors, street food, and entertainment. The main streets in the area are usually shut down for the day, creating a true block party atmosphere. They are great to explore- some of my favorites include the Newtown Festival, Crows Nest Festival, and Chatswood Street Fair

beer circular quay
Warm days, cold beer.

Rooftop bars and alfresco dining

Friday afternoon drinks at a chic rooftop bar, or dinner alfresco at a beach-side cafe? Perfect on a warm day, less so on a hot day, with sweat dripping into your beer and clinging to the back of your shirt, as you can feel the sunburn forming with each passing minute. Dine outside while Sydney’s weather is still pleasant and less sweltering, your dry cleaning bill will thank you.

Royal Botanic Garden in bloom

Every year, Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden offers a ‘Spring Walk‘, first began in 1855. It’s the oldest horticultural display in Australia, and offer a beautiful (and free!) walk through the spring blooms, full of English and native Australian flora. The gardens also offer free guided walks daily, a great way to learn more from a guide, or try morning yoga in the garden (not free).

Royal Botanic Garden spring walk

While you’re there, consider checking out the Calyx, a new attraction and greenhouse within the park, with rotating exhibits- I plan to visit it soon, so watch this space.

Edit- my review of the Calyx can be found here– it’s awesome (and free!).

Sydney Craft Beer Week 

Somehow I didn’t know this existed until just recently, and for that, I apologise. Craft Beer Week occurs in October, and features the best of local Australian brews, via a huge amount of tastings, restaurant pairings, entertainment and events. Check out all the details here.

Palm Beach, a great place to hike when it’s cooler (note the hoodie!)

Get some exercise in the sun (before it gets *too* hot) 

 It seems wrong to complain about Sydney’s heat as an excuse for not exercising, but it can definitely be brutal when you’re trying to go for a run or bushwalk in 30C heat. In the hotter months, swimming is the way to go, so enjoy the mild spring while you can for land-based activities. 

Make the most of the balmy days and cool nights to do long bushwalks or treks while the weather is pleasant. The Bondi to Coogee Walk is a perennial favorite, but there’s many more to be explored. Some walks I have done recently and reviewed can be found here and here, however great walks can be found literally all over Sydney. 

Night Noodle Markets

A unique and quintessentially Sydney spring outing has the be the Night Noodle Markets, held every October in Hyde Park. This year it runs from Oct 5-22nd. Part of Good Food Month, they have over 40 Asian food vendors from local restaurants. There’s also DJs and drinks, and the park is beautifully lit with white fairy lights, creating a perfect ambiance for an midweek after-work adventure.

Night Noodle Markets (Image courtesy of WeekendNotes.com) 


Since all things American have taken off in Sydney, why not jump on the bandwagon and get in the Halloween frame of mind. Consider a nightly ghost tour through the Rocks, finding a party, or hosting your own – costumes required.

Prefer the cold? Don’t worry, winter will be back next year, and we have a guide to making the most of that too.

Hope this inspires you to make the most of spring! What’s your favorite spring activity in Sydney? (Drinking a beer in the sun or doing nothing is a perfectly acceptable option, for what it’s worth…)

(All opinions, links, and advice are based on my own experience, and have not been influenced.) 

Spring in Sydney
Even the walk to work is better in spring!


  1. With a cool name like that, I’d just HAVE to go to the Night Noodle Markets – although even if it was called something totally ordinary it still sounds pretty awesome! The neighbourhood festivals, rooftop dining/drinking and the Botanic Gardens all sound good too – looks like I’ll just have to book a ticket and check it all out for myself!

  2. Having a walking under that purple blossoming jacaranda trees is so nice. That should be the first in my list of activities welcoming Spring in Sydney. Is that in Royal Botanic Garden or at any special corner of the city?

    1. The jacarandas can be found all over Sydney, and they generally bloom in October, but I believe that particular shot is from Centennial Park! Lots of beautiful blooms in the Botanic Gardens also though

  3. Spring in Sydney looks beautiful. That first photo with the jacaranda blossoms is gorgeous. I haven’t been to Sydney (or anywhere in Australia) but I love the idea going on a Halloween ghost tour. Since I’m from Canada (though I’m living in Ireland now) Halloween is in the autumn and it can get really cold.

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